CoffeeScript vs JavaScript and SASS vs CSS – my two-pen’eth

Where I stand currently:

CoffeeScript LogoSASS Logo

I have only experimented with CoffeeScript and SASS but I would consider using them. However, my advice to others would be to ensure you are proficient with the standards first.

JavaScript & CSS have been here longer that CoffeeScript & SASS (obviously), are continuing to be developed and enhanced. If the way that some of the capabilities of jQuery is gradually being provided natively within the browser is anything to go by, the web standards will incrementally remove the need for CoffeeScript & SASS, evenually. But that is no reason not to use these techniques as part of your workflow (development process) right now. It is only through such components that we are able to envisage how good the web could be.

I am a web purist at heart, largely down to my Computer Science background. But any technique that enables developers to produce more consistent, robust and maintainable code cannot be bad. My fundamental hang-up is that CoffeeScript and SASS are making up for current shortfalls in the JavaScript and CSS standards. More accurately, they compensate for the lack of a common implementation between browsers, but give them their due they are getting better.

One of my greatest hang-ups is the fact that components like CoffeeScript and SASS employ a customised language to generate standardised code. The main issue here is that such techniques instill a dependency and reduce the incentive for developer’s to produce better code themselves.

jQuery Logo
To illustrate my point, compare jQuery against another JavaScript Vanilla JS Logoframework – Vanilla.JS.
If you need further convincing that native is best, check out Liam Curry’s article, just look at the performance figures.

Some good tools to aid the production of better code include:

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